Ephesus Tours and Cottona Castle

We are after a plane ride to Ephesus Private Tours Izmir airport and went to join 4-star hotel in Kusadasi and Izmir private transfers. We got to the hotel, we met a very large spacious room and had a nice breakfast in the early morning and after our tour guide through the hotel lobby. first place we went to Ephesus caravanserai and serves as a very nice restaurant. I ate here many delicious Iskender kebab, sweets delight cake ice cream, olive oil salad ate appetizers. They served coffee and tea. After 1 hour of private first trip we went to Ephesus Bulbul hills here, the highest hill and had a very nice view of Ephesus ancient city. Mary nightingale topped with house-shaped cross, which had a very sacred place. This is a very sacred and peaceful place. Since 1970 has been identified as a sacred place of pilgrimage by the Pope and there was a fountain dating from the last period, Mary.

Ephesus went to the open-air museum, and this is spread over a wide area and are very large excavation and restoration work since 1980. The ancient Greek and Roman city of Ephesus and here is a place which is under protection by UNESCO. Ephesus is embellished with first there was a King's Road, 600 feet long and made of marble statues and pillars on the road. People attended the celebration of the King's Road, and entertainment are organized. first hillside homes where people had to sit here were very nice and the town hall and palace of the king. Both sides had a Trojan fountain adorned with statues of the king. Love house entrance had işararet with heart and this many have occurred from the room and had a natural ventilation system. Finally we have an outdoor toilet that uses a combination of people.

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Edirne Selimiye Holiday

Approximately to join our tours Private Edirne after 2.5 hours bus journey we had the old city of Edirne. We went here with a very large spacious rooms and Edirne Selimiye Mosque and the old hotel with views of the city. Kaltık hotel early in the morning and the first Turkish bath and here we go, we did a very nice and relaxing bath. We attended the tour, we met our guide at the hotel lobby and private Edirne Tours. The first serves as the Caravanserai in Edirne and we went here after a very nice renovation and resorasyo as boutique hotels and tea garden. Here we ate breakfast in the morning with all organic and natural. Is known as the city of Edirne is very wooded and forested green Edirne. The city of Edirne specific to raw Pan has engaged restaurants. Edirne city unique selling sweet made with almonds and delight had shops and bakeries.

Edirne is a city on the banks of the Maritsa River flowing and has a stone bridge, built during the Ottoman Empire on the Maritsa river, there are numerous restaurants in the Evros river bank. 7 made by Mimar Sinan Selimiye Mosque year we went. Selimiye mosque is Turkey's largest and most beautiful work. Architecture is an artistic masterpiece, a symbol of the city of Edirne. It seems from all points of the city of Edirne is the highest hill in the city. Work made with classical Ottoman architecture has been very beautiful stonework. Selimiye Mosque of Sultan Suleyman was made on behalf of the son of Sultan Selim. 4 minars There are very elongated dome and made of a very large marble courtyard. is located in a very beautiful multi-colored Iznik ceramics and calligraphy and manuscripts. Finally, the time of Sultan Murad 2. Edirne city became the capital of the Ottoman Empire is a very special city.

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Istanbu Holiday and Turkey Tours

I and my husband have joined a very nice weekend istanbul daily tours. Istanbul is a city where many civilizations. Has been the world capital of culture in 2010. A portion Istanbul on the European continent is the only city on the continent of Asia is a part. Many valuable scientist sculptor artist has lived in this city, in this city have made the most beautiful works. My oldest is in istanbul Hippdro. Hippodrome horse races and gladiatorial battles Olympics were held here. Istanbul is a world city. 2 obelisk was brought from Egypt. Finally, the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid German emperor German fountain was built as a gift. Istanbul is a city of culture and history.

The first building in Istanbul and Hagia Sophia, which is the most beautiful. Which is a magnificent architectural work of art. 10,000 people worked in the construction of Hagia Sophia and the world's largest orthodox church were made. Konstantina in Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary of Justinian, is adorned hh with paintings and mosaics. manuscript in line articles are فنادق بورصا , فنادق تقسيم very nice. In 1453, Sultan Mehmet Istanbul reconstruction and renovation was made ​​conquests. Istanbul Hagia Sophia was converted into a mosque in the time of Sultan Mehmet. added a minaret of Sultan Mehmet the first time and 3 times more minarets were added. Hagia Sophia is a very large dome and four minarets are. Istanbul is situated on top of the most beautiful and had a very nice view of the sea and the Bosphorus.

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